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Finishes Overview Brochure

Global IFS Building Brochure

Magna-Lock Cork

Closeup of Magna-Lock Luxury Vinyl Tile floor finish

Magna-Lock Luxury Vinyl Tile

Closeup of ELEVATE™ Porcelain Outdoor Paver floor finish

ELEVATE™ Porcelain Outdoor Paver

Closeup of Flexco Vinyl floor finish

Flexco Vinyl

Closeup of Norament Grano ED rubber floor finish

Norament Grano ED Rubber

Closeup of Magna-Lock Wood Plank floor finish

Magna-Lock Wood Plank

Closeup of ELEVATE™ Porcelain Dry Lay floor finish

ELEVATE™ Porcelain Dry Lay

Closeup of TecCrete Classic floor finish

TecCrete Classic

Closeup of Johnsonite Vinyl floor finish

Johnsonite Vinyl

Closeup of Magna-Lock Terrazzo floor finish

Magna-Lock Terrazzo

Closeup of ELEVATE™ Porcelain Indoor Raised Access Floor finish

ELEVATE™ Porcelain Indoor Raised Access Floor

Closeup of Global IFS high pressure laminate floor finish

Global IFS High Pressure Laminate

Closeup of Johnsonite Rubber - Eco-Naturals Corktones floor finish

Johnsonite Rubber - Eco-Naturals Corktones

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