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Closeup of ELEVATE™ Porcelain Dry Lay floor finish

ELEVATE™ Porcelain Dry Lay

Elevate™ Dry Lay Porcelain Raised Access Floor conveys an elegant and sophisticated image in areas such as entryways, lobbies, hallways and cafes that are key in reflecting your brand. The Global IFS Elevate™ Porcelain Flooring System includes a dry lay porcelain tile that can be used over an existing slab or access floor.

Global IFS Floor Finishes Video

Features & Advantages

  • Installation is six times quicker than traditional tiling and shortens construction cycle.

  • Can be trafficked over immediately after installation.

  • Floor finishes can be changed easily and quickly without disrupting the rest of the floor.

  • Dry and dust free installation.

  • Tiles can be lifted to give immediate access to the floor or substrate.

  • Future proof flooring- remedial plans, alterations & change can be implemented quickly.

  • Tiles can be reused for a new design or location change.

  • Tiles can be easily replaced.

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