Modular Power Distribution (MPD)

The Global IFS Modular Power Distribution System (MPD) is the most versatile in the industry.  It provides owners, consultants, facility managers and occupants with unlimited flexibility. With our MPD system you have a system that’s economical, easily accessible and adaptable for future additions or re configurations.  The MPD system utilizing the Plug & Play technology provides exceptional adaptability to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing office spaces – without requiring an electrical contractor.

The Square Electrical Box

The Square Electrical Boxes offer a wide range of flexibility to meet a wide variety of commercial office requirements.  They provide electrical outlets for power and mounting plates for communications jacks and ports.  The boxes are available in 3 different profiles:  standard, low profile and ultra low profile. The ultra low profile is specially designed for RAF applications with limited heights, such as retrofits and heritage buildings.

The Round Electrical Box

The flush mount Round Electrical Boxes are ideal for almost any raised access flooring project, particularity with underfloor air distribution. They provide electrical outlets for power and mounting plates for communication jacks and ports. Changes or reconfigurations can be made quickly and efficiently with less downtime than conventional hardware systems.

The Power Distribution Box

The Power Distribution Boxes feature unique modular connectors with 3 to 8 wire capacity. Each box can be manufactured with 3, 6, 9 or 12 disconnect ports. Our exclusive quick connect Power Distribution Boxes are fully modular and can accommodate multiple circuits with 3 to 8 wire capacity.  A Low Profile Power Distribution Box is also available.

The Furniture Feed Box and Furniture Feed Adapter

The Furniture Feed Box and Furniture Feed Adapter are designed for almost any RAF application involving electrified furniture. The Furniture Feed Box provides safe, compartmentalized space to make quick and easy hardware connections between furniture feeds and base building power. It also eliminates the need for plenum-rated furniture whips.

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