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Closeup of Magna-Lock Terrazzo floor finish

Magna-Lock Terrazzo

Quick to install with the unique magnetic backing eliminates the need for thin set or grout. Forty colors and three sizes can be used together to create an elegant, classic terrazzo finish. Custom designs available to inspire an artistic effect. Featuring Microban protection, offering 24/7 antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria for the lifetime of the product.

Diagram of the layers in magna-lock flooring. Finish layer- All our high end finishes are tested and selected for superior performance with the Magna-Lock system. Adhesive  - Carefully tested and chosen for its permanent bond to the finish layer and magnet. Magnet - uniquely engendered for flooring applications to deliver a reliable, high-strength bond. Steel Topsheet - Made flat, strong and optimized to create  a strong magnetic  attachment. Adhesive - carefully tested and chosen  for it's enduring bond to the steel and TecCrete. TecCrete - the strongest  RAF designed for world class performance  in all commercial applications.

Magna-lock flooring logo

Global IFS Floor Finishes Video

Global IFS Magna-Lock Layers Video

Magna-Lock Installation Video


  • Designed for Raised Access Flooring: Magna-Lock allows unrestricted access to building infrastructure under the floor.

  • Easy to install: A special magnet applied to the back of the finished floor surface attaches to a Global IFS steel top sheet panel.

  • Easy to change: Magna-Lock finishes can be quickly removed and relocated with minimal effort and no waste.

  • Quick to install: Magna-Lock finishes can be installed quickly just before occupancy, eliminating construction related damage.

  • Design Freedom: Available in many sizes, colors, finishes, textures, and patterns.