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Closeup of ELEVATE™ Porcelain Indoor Raised Access Floor finish

ELEVATE™ Porcelain Indoor Raised Access Floor

Elevate™ Porcelain Floor conveys an elegant and sophisticated image in high impression spaces such as entryways, elevator lobbies, hallways, and cafes that are key in reflecting your brand. Elevate™ offers the highest level of adaptability, allowing change as business needs change. Our Elevate™ Porcelain is perfect for high-traffic, commercial environments where access to utilities, easy reconfiguration and quick replacement are priorities. With a commercial load rating, the Elevate™ Porcelain Raised Access Floor will meet your toughest load requirements while maintaining a design forward impression in your most key traffic areas.

Global IFS Floor Finishes Video

Features & Advantages

  • Frequent space changes are easy to facilitate; simply lift the access floor tiles and gain unrestricted access to underfloor utilities and building infrastructure.

  • Reconfiguration and quick replacement if a tile is damaged.

  • Tiles are easy for installers to move or reuse, or replace with a suction cup lifter.

  • Many unique finishes that seamlessly match with your commercial interior décor.

  • Matching tiles can be used for steps, ramps and wall base.

  • Porcelain tiles can even be used to create brilliant outdoor patio and rooftop areas.

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