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Closeup of Magna-Lock Luxury Vinyl Tile floor finish

Magna-Lock Luxury Vinyl Tile

Magna-Lock luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an innovative solution for custom finishes over access flooring. By magnetically binding luxury vinyl tile with raised access flooring, spaces can be easily rearranged with little downtime and no waste.

As a robust yet versatile alternative to ceramic tile or hardwood, LVT provides the design community the freedom to replicate any their most intricate designs. With the character, look and grain of wood flooring or the texture and feel of Italian slate tiles LVT is a low-cost alternative.

Global IFS Floor Finishes Video

Global IFS Magna-Lock Layers Video

Magna-Lock Installation Video


  • Designed for Raised Access Flooring: Magna-Lock allows unrestricted access to building infrastructure under the floor.

  • Easy to install: A special magnet applied to the back of the finished floor surface attaches to a Global IFS steel top sheet panel.

  • Easy to change: Magna-Lock finishes can be quickly removed and relocated with minimal effort and no waste.

  • Quick to install: Magna-Lock finishes can be installed quickly just before occupancy, eliminating construction related damage.

  • Design Freedom: Available in many sizes, colors, finishes, textures, and patterns.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Color Options

Magna-Lock Luxury Vinyl Tile offers 250 unique color, texture, and shape options in wood, stone, and abstract to create a sophisticated and durable space. Built to endure heavy traffic and make less noise, our stylish designs help create opulent but budget friendly indoor environments while preserving accessibility to the raised floor system.

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