Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD)

The Global IFS Underfloor Air Distribution system creates the lowest finished floor height in the industry.  Consistent air temperature across the space, better energy usage, and smaller mechanical equipment resulting in more usable office space throughout the building are some of the benefits of using this system.  The unique design strategy incorporates a low profile 10” underfloor air system featuring the Global IFS TecCrete Access Floor system, vertical tower air units, and a continuous linear plenum system to condition the perimeter of the space.

Existing buildings will now offer all the design features found in today’s newest green buildings.

The UFAD System
Air Towers

The Vertical Air Tower is the optimal solution to furnish supply air into the Raised Access Floor plenum.  The vertical approach is an effective use in Underfloor Air Distribution projects compared to horizontal units.  The vertical orientation of the Air Tower reduces the mechanical closet footprint resulting in a potential increase in overall net rentable space.

Round Diffuser

The Vortex Swirl and Displacement Diffusers are engineered to deliver low velocity discharge and high air induction rates for better air quality.  The diffusers are available in manual or automatic models.  The manual model features a personal air volume control for enhanced occupant comfort in open plan work space areas.

Rectangular Diffuser

Engineers, designers and architects can choose from different models of Rectangular Diffusers.  They are not only designed to enhance the benefits of a UFAD system, they also complement architectural interiors with linear aluminum bar grills.

Continuous Linear Plenum

The Continuous Linear Plenum system is a modular kit that, once installed, creates a separate and continuous plenum zone capable of handling temperature ranges in any climate.  This unique, flexible system can be customized to accommodate almost any height or width, and works extremely well with many building envelope designs and sustainable solutions.

Segmented Linear Diffuser

The Segmented Linear Diffuser provides flexibility to handle temperature ranges in any climate.  A wide selection of perimeter zone solutions that “wash” curtain walls with either cool or warm airflow to ensure a comfortable interior workspace.

Extruded Aluminum Grill

 For any UFAD project, Global IFS offers a full line of extruded aluminum grills. Customers can order standard sizes or have grills custom made to meet their specifications for plenum applications, deflection requirements or design compatibility.

Perimeter Heat/Cool Convector

In almost any space, the Perimeter Integrated Heat/Cool Convector system is not only an attractive design element, it also delivers significant energy and operational savings. This exceptional system can handle temperature ranges in any climate, and can help customers gain points towards LEED Platinum certifications.

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