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Closeup of ELEVATE™ Porcelain Outdoor Paver floor finish

ELEVATE™ Porcelain Outdoor Paver

The Global IFS Elevate™ Porcelain Paver carries the brand from high impression indoor spaces to outdoor terraces such as entryways, patios, balconies, pool decks, walkways, landscape areas and on rooftops. Elevate™ pavers provide a textured, durable surface for high coefficient of friction and adaptability and many unique looks and colors to set the tone for your commercial exterior spaces. The surface is resistant to frost, mold, moss and smudges.

Global IFS Floor Finishes Video

Features & Advantages

  • Set the stage before entering the building with a beautiful finish in the driveway that carries into the interior.

  • Many unique finishes that seamlessly match with your outdoor decor.

  • Matching tiles can be used for steps, ramps and wall base.

  • Uniform thickness & color through the tile.

  • Tiles are easy for installers to move, reuse, replace with suction cup lifter.

  • Porcelain tiles can be used to create brilliant patio & rooftop areas.

  • Install on grass, gravel, sand, with adhesive, or raised pedestal system.

  • Power washable.

  • Resistant to Frost, Mold, Moss & Smudges.

  • Many colors and looks available.

  • Variety of size options.

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