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Closeup of Magna-Lock Wood Plank floor finish

Magna-Lock Wood Plank

Designers are now free to create high end spaces with no limitations. Magna-Lock hardwood flooring planks create a natural, timeless appeal to the space, along with warmth and luxury. Magna-Lock wood flooring is produced with engineered wood sourced through some of the leading North American wood flooring manufacturers. It is designed to provide a unique look throughout the space from front reception areas to the executive boardrooms and everywhere in-between.

Diagram of the layers in magna-lock flooring. Finish layer- All our high end finishes are tested and selected for superior performance with the Magna-Lock system. Adhesive  - Carefully tested and chosen for its permanent bond to the finish layer and magnet. Magnet - uniquely engendered for flooring applications to deliver a reliable, high-strength bond. Steel Topsheet - Made flat, strong and optimized to create  a strong magnetic  attachment. Adhesive - carefully tested and chosen  for it's enduring bond to the steel and TecCrete. TecCrete - the strongest  RAF designed for world class performance  in all commercial applications.

Magna-lock flooring logo

Global IFS Floor Finishes Video

Global IFS Magna-Lock Layers Video

Magna-Lock Installation Video


  • Designed for Raised Access Flooring: Magna-Lock allows unrestricted access to building infrastructure under the floor.

  • Easy to install: A special magnet applied to the back of the finished floor surface attaches to a Global IFS steel top sheet panel.

  • Easy to change: Magna-Lock finishes can be quickly removed and relocated with minimal effort and no waste.

  • Quick to install: Magna-Lock finishes can be installed quickly just before occupancy, eliminating construction related damage.

  • Design Freedom: Available in many sizes, colors, finishes, textures, and patterns.