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Global IFS floor finish in cafeteria


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Global IFS is a sustainable corporation focused on being environmentally responsible. We source raw materials through ethical suppliers, we use processes that are neutral to our environment and dispose of waste through recycling or waste to energy streams to make us a zero-landfill facility. The TecCrete product contains the highest amount of recycled content in the access floor industry. Global IFS continues to make changes to our product and processes to minimize our Carbon Emissions. 

Woodworks Presentations
Mass timber ceiling

Presentations from the 2021 International Mass Timber Conference

Case Study document preview

December 2, 2020

A quickly growing East Coast-based financial services firm was planning a new regional office to accommodate their expanded team. The firm had already identified a building that would suit their size and location requirements well, but they wanted to ensure that their new office space would be a truly state-of-the-art environment – one that would help them continue to attract and retain the best talent, and ensure that they would be able to easily modify their office space as they continued to expand in the future. In short, the new office space would require a complete renovation.

Both the financial services firm and the architects designing the renovation were already familiar with the benefits of raised access flooring, underfloor air distribution (UFAD), and Global IFS specifically. They knew that Global IFS’ integrated offerings could provide the flexibility, sustainability, cost-savings and world-class feel that the firm sought to achieve – but they weren’t sure that it would be possible to deliver UFAD within the 7” access floor space that the building and renovation parameters required.

Global IFS was up to the challenge.

Case Study document preview

June 16, 2020

Following the installation of Global IFS’ UFAD system and air towers, the Buda building reported significant first-cost savings, exceptional energy efficiency and outstanding HVAC operational performance that were significantly above and beyond the expectations of both DSI and their energy consultant partners.

Case Study document preview

June 3, 2020

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves at a pivotal point in history. We have been debating many topics related to health and productivity in an occupied space, including the type of HVAC systems, Space air delivery methods, filtration levels, Outdoor air ventilation levels etc. The timing could not be any more critical to prioritize these items as we reopen our shared spaces and start rebuilding the future workspace.  The timing could not be any more critical to put higher priority on systems that help minimizes the transmission of pathogens. The type of HVAC systems, Space air delivery methods, filtration levels, Outdoor air ventilation levels are way more critical than they ever were before.

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