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TecCrete, the original concrete surface panel, has been available in the market for more than 30 years.  The unique concrete-and-steel composite structure makes TecCrete amazingly quiet and solid underfoot—ideal for office, computer rooms, institutions and learning environments. The Global IFS weldless floor system stands up to heavy rolling and impact loads that occur during the construction, move-in and reconfiguration.  The TecCrete panel flat underside results in less expensive installation and more reliable sealing of underfloor plenum dividers.  The flat underside also accommodates placement of pedestals anywhere under the panel making support of partial panels at walls and columns easier and more secure. 

The TecCrete System
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System Performance

Global IFS offers two variations of panels to handle any weight loading needed.  The

1 1/8” thick panel is perfect for everyday applications requiring 1250 lb. and 1500 lb. concentrated loads.  The 1 ½” panel supports heavy loads of 2000 lbs. and more.


A variety of pedestal options are available to accommodate floor heights and seismic requirements across North America.  Stringers are not required to accommodate a 1250 lb. concentrated load on the floor system.  Global can assist in reviewing building locations to make a recommendation on the base type that will be required to keep a building functional and safe through seismic events.  Standard pedestals are offered from 3” finished floor height up to 63” finished floor height.  Special heights are available.  All understructure is tested to CISCA test standards.

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The TecCrete stringer system allows panels to be gravity held for quick and easy access to the subfloor.  Stringers can also be used to achieve heavy loading floors.  All stringers are tested to CISCA test standards.  Built-in  positioning tabs on every stringer eliminates “racking” or skewing of panel grid.

Air Seals

Optional air seals on TecCrete panels provide compression fit that reduces cooling loss through panel seams by as much as 90% over conventional unsealed floors.  Air seals provide improved air-containment within the plenum, creating improved airflow performance across the floor plate. 

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Uniform Thickness Panel

The TecCrete panel features a uniform 1 1/8” or 1 ½” thickness throughout the full panel.  The full panel thickness rests on understructure, eliminating structural vulnerability at panel edge and corner.  The TecCrete system has a direct path to ground from the cornerlock screw through the panel to the pedestal head connected to the pedestal base to the floor.