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Magna-Lock Cork

Magna-Lock Cork is where best-in-class design flexibility, comfort, environmental consciousness, and performance meet. Our new cork flooring is a 100% PVC free product portfolio, showcasing our unwavering commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious design. With our new digital printing collection, Magna-Lock Cork offers a wide range of natural products, with an exceptional level of realism, brought to life through cutting-edge technology. Additionally, cork tiles are also the perfect marriage between comfort and durability, resisting indentations while never sacrificing walkability. Properly maintained, cork flooring can last decades. Feel the intricate texture of wood and the solid, rugged look of stone – every knot and grain are carefully designed and replicated in an exquisite selection of visuals that will defy the senses. Experience natural thermal insulation, walking comfort, sound reduction and indoor air quality in any space. Discover our latest collections, 100% PVC free, 100% realistic and 100% powered by the unmatched comfort of cork.

Cork Look Stone Look Wood Look


Enhanced Design

  • Wood, Cork and Stone looks

  • Product can be installed in more spaces with a required relative humidity of 25% to 60%

Noise Mitigation/Impact Resistance

  • Cork is a natural sound absorber, reducing noise within a room, as well as vibration due to its honeycomb structure.  One study shows use of cork floor reduces walking sounds up to 53% when compared to laminates

  • Corks elasticity and compressibility allows it to adapt to pressure. Cork’s high shock absorbing performance reduces the risk of objects breaking when accidentally dropped

  • Cork provides a unique comfort, absorbing heel impact

  • The unique thermal insulation features of cork provide an optimal floor temperature all year round, assuring a  warmer and comfortable ambience with energy cost savings


  • Floor manufacturing utilizes bark from the cork oak tree harvested every 9 years without damaging the tree and recycled cork stoppers.  Eliminating deforestation

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality

  • Negative carbon balance, absorbing more CO2 than it releases to the atmosphere from harvesting to production, to transport and delivery in North America

  • Bionatural line is even 100% biodegradable!

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