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Cable Floor

The industry leading fixed height low profile floor for over 30 years.  Known for its durability and flexibility, the Cable Floor is one of the most successful wire management systems worldwide, installed in more than 150 million square feet of space.  At just 1.57” finished floor height the Global Cable Floor manages cabling below the floor to organize any work area and maximize the floor to ceiling height of the space.  The combination of high strength, light weight concrete and high-density plastic forms this unique floor system.


Cable Floor Product Data Sheet

Cable floor in office space
Test Load
Smoke Development Index
Flame Spread Index
20, 000 - Pass Rolling Load*
337 lbs
Ultimate Uniform Load
>10,000 psf
Uniform Load
250 psf
<0.0 656 "
Uniform Concentrated Load
6200 psf
<0.10 "
Concentrated Load
674.4 psi
0.20 "

*20,000 pass rolling load test is run with a 6" x 1.5" diameter wheel.

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