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Example of retrofit flooring used in an office setting.

Office Upgrade

As the flight to quality office space trend takes hold, upgrading older office spaces becomes a requirement to compete with newer Class A spaces.  Remove the constraints on your existing space! Design futureproof, innovative, attractive spaces upgraded to Class A standards quickly. 

Global IFS provides the best way to convert existing buildings to current and future Class A Office Standards.  Global IFS specializes in the integration of critical building infrastructure. The Global IFS modular plug and play power, data, WIFI systems and underfloor air below a low profile raised access floor allows the mechanical and electrical infrastructure of the building to be hidden adding 12" of vertical space maximizing the floor to ceiling height.  This system can be added to any building to futureproof the space creating flexibility to easily and quickly change the layout to accommodate needs today and in the future. 

Global IFS floor-based electrical and mechanical systems are designed to be easily reconfigured making updates quick and cost effective, minimizing the waste correlated with office reconfiguration and churn. Underfloor HVAC systems deliver cleaner and healthier air, improved occupant comfort, flexibility for alternative floor plans, and significant energy savings. 

Global IFS provides Flexible, Futureproof office spaces Fast!