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AtmosAir air purification solution installed in an office space

Atmos Air

Effectively Cleaning the Air Where it Counts

What is Atmos Air?

AtmosAir™ is an air purification technology that actively contributes to better health where no pollution or contaminants exist — while reducing energy use in the process. AtmosAir is an active cleaning system that cleans pathogens, molds, and dust out of every surface of any space. Through Bi-polar ionization, AtmosAir tubes introduce positive and negatively charged ions into the air system that seek and neutralizes harmful particulates in entire occupied area. The ions begin cleaning right away, restoring air to natural levels right where people work and play. AtmosAir has proven to be over 99.9 percent effective in stopping the spread of pathogens and contaminants and in neutralizing coronavirus.

AtmosAir air purification process diagram. 1. Incoming polluted air 2. Ionization taking place 3. Bi-polar ionization 4. Bi-polar ions react with PM VOCS, Bacteria, Viruses, Germs

UFAD and Atmos Air

Under Floor Air Distribution, like AtmosAir™, improves IAQ by introducing fresh air in the breathing zone. Thus, paired with UFAD, the ions created by AtmosAir are introduced more quickly and in greater quantities to the area that matters most, the occupied zone. The ions begin cleaning right away, restoring air to natural levels right where people work and play. A GIFS design with AtmosAir Inside delivers the best in class air purification system that efficiently and actively cleans air in the breathing zone.

Bipolarization air purification diagram. Bipolar Ionizing -lowest profile air tower. Deactivating 99.92% of viruses.

Features and Benefits

Durable Ions: Ions are active and cleaning for up to 300 seconds in occupied zones.

Particle and Pathogen Reduction: Within 30 minute of application ions reduce particles like mold, dust, VOC’s, and pollen; deactivate viruses, germs, mold, bacteria in the air and on every exposed surface.

Odor Reduction: Odor inducing particulates broken down, deactivated or agglomerated for cleaner, fresher smell.

Energy Efficiency: AtmosAir technology causes up to 50% reduction in need for outdoor air.

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