August 10, 2021

The new Missoula Public Library just opened.  This project has full Underfloor Air Distribution with Modular Power.  It also includes TecCrete, bare and sealed.  Modular Power was provided by Camino Modular Systems; diffusers and perimeter were provided by AFX; and Air Towers (with some ducts) were provided by Thermal (division of Nailor).  


Missoula Library Video


September 24, 2020

It is with great excitement that we announce a new partnership between Global IFS and AtmosAir Solutions focused on pairing the proven benefits of Underfloor Air Distribution with the significant enhancement of bi-polar ionization technology.  This combination of the ventilation effectiveness rates of UFAD and the air purification properties of bi-polar ionization provides a best-in-class solution for any building environment. 

Soto Mass Timber.PNG

September 22, 2020

Global IFS is pleased to have provided the underfloor air system and the raised access floor for this highly sustainable building!  The latest studies show buildings with underfloor air systems reduce contaminants in the air and create healthier spaces for employees to work.

ML Announcement.PNG

July 23, 2020

Global IFS is very pleased to announce that it has acquired Magna-Lock Finishes, the leading magnetic backed finish flooring company.  Global IFS will fully integrate Magna-lock Finishes into their portfolio of products to help both companies accelerate their growth within the Raised Access Flooring market.