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Global IFS floors & finishes in an office lobby

Floor & Finishes

Expanding the Possibilities     

Global IFS offers many finish options to convey your brand throughout the facility. Creating an elegant and sophisticated image in high impression spaces such as entryways, elevator lobbies, hallways, and cafes. Global IFS finishes offer the highest level of adaptability, allowing change as business needs change. Our durable finishes are perfect for environments where access to utilities, easy reconfiguration and quick replacement are priorities. The Global IFS finishes combined with Raised Access Floor will meet your toughest load requirements while maintaining a design forward impression in your key traffic areas. Designers can now choose from wood, terrazzo, porcelain, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and other finishes manufactured by world-class flooring companies to bring their creative design ideas to life. The possibilities are endless, and designers can take their space to the next level. Global IFS finishes provide a superior and consistent look, laying a unique foundation from the garden or driveway through the building and onto the roof.

Global IFS Floor Finishes Video

Global IFS Magna-Lock Layers Video


Glass building schematic displaying floor & finish options

Designed for Raised Access Flooring

  • Allow unrestricted access to building infrastructure under the floor.


Consistent Finishes Inside & Outside the Building

  • The same finishes can be specified for the inside and the outside of the building.


Solid System Strength

  • Under the finishes TecCrete can be used as a construction platform before finishes are applied.


  • Finishes can be installed quickly just before occupancy, eliminating construction related damage

Quick to Install

  • Finishes can be installed quickly just before occupancy, eliminating construction related damage.

Easy to Change

  • Finishes can be quickly removed and relocated with minimal effort and no waste.

Design Freedom

  • Available in hundreds of sizes, colors, finishes, textures, and patterns.


  • Solid feel underfoot.

Global IFS Floors & Finishes examples


Engineered hardwood flooring planks create a natural, timeless appeal to the space, along with warmth and luxury. 

Elegant, classic terrazzo finish  maintains access to building technology while creating custom designs available to inspire an artistic effect.

With the character, look and grain of wood flooring or the texture and feel of Italian slate tiles, LVT is a high function, low-cost alternative.

A porcelain tile used over an existing slab or access floor maintains access to building infrastructure and conveys an elegant and sophisticated image in  entryways, lobbies, hallways and cafes.

ELEVATE PORCELAIN RAISED FLOOR  Porcelain Raised Access Floor will meet  your toughest load requirements, while  maintaining a design-forward impression in your key traffic areas. 

Provides a superior look and unique  foundation in the garden, on the driveway  and on the roof.  Finish consistent with  other Elevate products.

The industry’s original concrete panel  features unparalleled strength along with a raw, natural cement appearance has  been a preferred finish in many spaces.

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