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Perimeter Heat/Cool Troughs

Perimeter Fan Terminal

Rendering of a perimeter fan terminal

The Perimeter Fan Terminal (PFT) is a perimeter linear plenum with an integral fan to provide forced air through cooling or heating coils. With its low profile design the unit can be installed in slab applications as well as raised access floor plenums with minimal height clearances required. The PFT has the unique capability of providing a large amount of cooling or heating to a space while utilizing equipment that supplies more efficient design water temperatures (i.e. less than 120°F water for heating). Heavy duty linear bar grilles (LBG) can be ordered to install within the PFT unit providing a seamless look.

The fan has the capability for modulating based on the demand within the space and typically recirculates air from the room side. This allows the perimeter system to be decoupled from the pressurized underfloor plenum as well as removing the dependency of reheating already conditioned and cooled plenum air.


  • Up to 1200 BTU/FT

  • 10-40 CFM/FT

  • Up to 500 BTU Cooling Output

Rendering of a perimeter fan terminal


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