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Perimeter Heat/Cool Troughs

Perimeter Beam Terminal

Rendering of a perimeter beam terminal

The Perimeter Beam Terminal (PBT) is a premium linear floor grille with integrated heating and cooling coil, designed for raised floor applications and ideal for perimeter ventilation. Using the PBT allows for conditioning of the perimeter zone without the use of an underfloor fan terminal.

Extruded aluminum bars provide crisp styling and exceptional strength. In addition to having various grille style options, these terminal units can be configured in either discrete or continuous applications.

The integrated cooling coil provides decoupled cooling at the perimeter, reducing perimeter zone dependence on plenum static and temperature reset.


  • Up to 1500 BTU/FT​

  • 10-50 CFM/FT

  • 650-850 BTU Cooling Output

Rendering of a perimeter beam terminal


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