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Global IFS power & data solution through desk and floor

Power & Data Distribution

The most robust and flexible system for delivering power where needed.

The Global IFS Modular Power Distribution System (MPD) is the most versatile in the industry. It provides owners, consultants, facility managers and occupants with unlimited flexibility to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing office spaces. 

With our MPD system you have a system that’s economical, easily accessible and adaptable for future additions or reconfigurations. The Global MPD System is UL183 rated for installation beneath an access floor including the requirements of “air handling spaces other than plenums” per NEC Article 604. Utilizing just 5 basic components makes even complex floor plans easy to plan, install and maintain. Components arrive pre-wired and pre-tested, ready to install; eliminating field wiring with the exception of connection to the electrical panel.

Global IFS Modular Power Distribution Video


  • Unlimited flexibility for space, placing power where needed.

  • Plug and play design enables end user facility teams to reconfigure power with no outside contractors. Reconfiguration of power can be made without disrupting the work environment quickly and efficiently.

  • Lower first cost installation labor - labor hours to install modular power underfloor has been found to be 30-40% less than overhead.

  • ​Foolproof connection - all connectors are polarity keyed and shaped to prevent connection of electrically incompatible components.

  • More sustainable - MPD’s inherent reusability and reconfigurability maximizes lifecycle and minimizes waste.

Modular Power
Traditional Pipe and Wire
Licensed Electrician terminates the Home Run Cable from the Main Distribution Box (MDB) at the main distribution panel. Other parts can be connected by other groups.
Licensed Electrician is required to connect all electrical parts.
Electrical parts are pre-tested and certified at the factory and can be laid into the floor plate by floor installers.
Electrician lays all fixed conduit through the floor plate. Electrical work must be field certified.
Changes can be made quickly by the Facility Management staff disconnecting a modular connector, moving the floor box and access floor panel and reconnecting the connector.
Changes require having multiple contractors come to x-ray the floor, determine structural ability to manage another hole in the floor, cutting a hole through the slab and electrician wiring a floor box in the slab.

Modular Power

Traditional Pipe and Wire

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