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Power Distribution

Power Distribution Box

The Power Distribution Box (PDB) provides power to the Access Floor Modules and/or Secondary Distribution Boxes via Single Port Extender Cables.

Modular metallic connectors are rated for use on 20A circuits, and are dead fronted for safety. To eliminate intervoltage connection, each connector is keyed and are factory wired according to meet specific requirements.


  • Rated for use on 120V/208V 20 A branch circuits

  • Connector housing is zinc plated 0.060 cold rolled steel

  • The body of Power Distribution Box is made using 16 guage steel to provide duralibility and strength.

  • Pin and socket connector design

  • To eliminate inter-voltage connection, each connector is keyed and color-coded to meet specific voltage requirements.

  • The MDB can be fitted with terminal blocks to receive hard wired home runs.

  • Custom circuitry and port configurations are available

  • The Power Distribution Box (MDB) is provided in powder coated white finish.

  • IBEW-assembled, UL listed and labeled

  • Meets requirements of NEC® article 604

Canadian product

Canadian Product

Rendering of a power distribution box


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