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Global IFS air purification solution in office conference room

Air Quality & Comfort

The best way to deliver comfortable clean air in any building.

With our UFAD system, your building’s employees and tenants will enjoy best in class Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), better thermal comfort, more effective air distribution throughout the occupied zones, more flexibility for future office layout. The UFAD system is also more energy efficient compared to a conventional overhead air distribution system saving up to 30% in energy costs, and contributing points toward LEED and WELL certifications.

Under-Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) systems distribute air by utilizing the plenum space below the raised floor. UFAD system leverages natural convection generated by heat from occupants and equipment at floor level, allowing warmer air to rise into the ceiling return (stratified air), creating better air circulation throughout the space, ensuring comfort for all occupants. Stratified air provides better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and improves ventilation effectiveness by delivering fresh air directly into the occupied breathing zone.

Global IFS Underfloor Air Distribution Video


Bipolarization air purification diagram. Bipolar Ionizing -lowest profile air tower. Deactivating 99.92% of viruses.

Cleaner Air


Stratified under floor air delivery system will deliver cleaner air by pushing contaminants up into the ceiling return, away from the breathing zone and the occupants in the space. UFAD system results in up to 13% reduction in exposure to occupant-generated pollutants caused by sneezing and coughing. This improves employee health and safety by decreasing pollutants circulating in the occupied zone.


Air Purification


Our UFAD system can be integrated with an active air purification system using Bi-Polar Ionization (BPI) developed by AtmosAir. Bi-Polar Ionization discharges positive and negative ions needed to inactivate pathogens in the occupied-breathing-zone (purifying the air through chemical reactions and through electrostatic/physical attraction). This chemical reaction allows chemicals to be broken down into less odorous and less toxic substances, thus purifying the air. When paired with UFAD, Atmos Air delivers proven clean air in the breathing zone

Energy Savings


A UFAD system is designed to supply air to the occupant zone at a temperature range between 62F - 65F as compared to an overhead system delivering air at 55F - 60F. This warmer supply air temperature, lower system pressures and smaller air handling equipment will result in energy savings which contribute points to LEED certification.




Optimization of space: The elimination of overhead ducting allows for increased space, enabling building owners and designers to optimize the interior and increase daylighting opportunities. Our underfloor air system design utilizes Air Tower Units that can function with a 8” high RAF.


Comfort and Productivity


​UFAD systems offer occupant-adjustable airflow control, significantly improving the occupant comfort level and user satisfaction. The UFAD system has Ventilation Effectiveness between 1.2-1.5 (ASHRAE 62.1-2019), where the system delivers clean, fresh air to the occupants resulting in higher employee productivity.

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