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Tec Crete Floor Finishes

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TecCrete Classic

The first concrete surface panel in the industry; TecCrete Classic has been used bare since its introduction in 1985.  Its raw, natural cement appearance with its visible aggregate and uniquely ground surface has been a preferred finish in many spaces.  Its unparalleled wearability and strength along with its unique look make it the perfect finish for many high impression spaces.  The surface can be finished with a matte or polished sealer to create the desired brand image of the space. 

Raised Access Flooring Insight Brochure

Johnsonite Solid Rubber

Johnsonite Solid Color Rubber Tile offers the industry’s largest selection of colors for rubber tiles. The possibilities are endless. The 24” x 24” tiles are available in 15 unique textures and available in over 115 colors, perfect for environments such as offices, hospitals, nursing homes or day cares. Solid Color Rubber Tile is naturally slip resistant and offers shock absorbing comfort under foot.  Discover this product's environmental attributes and its contribution to LEED at ecomedes.

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Johnsonite Rubber – Eco-Naturals Corktones

Eco-Naturals CorkTones™ rubber tile flooring helps you make the world a better place from the ground up. Available in 32 colors, the 24” x 24” rubber tiles are made from rapidly renewable resources, including cork and walnut shells, helping specifiers achieve LEED certification. Perfect for any commercial application, CorkTones is durable and stands the test of time.  Discover this product's environmental attributes and its contribution to LEED at ecomedes.

Norament Grano ED Rubber

The Only Nora rubber product available for use on access floor is the Norament Grano ED product in 5 colors.  For optimum ESD protection of electronic devices and equipment.  Protects against electrical shock, resists most oils and greases and is suitable for forklift truck areas.

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Nevamar Laminate

TecCrete surfaced with Nevamar products is ideal for applications requiring cleanliness and easy access. Nevamar flooring products are tough, yet attractive and easy to clean. They’re especially practical for high traffic areas such as walkways, cafeterias, and file rooms.  TecCrete with Nevamar laminate is easy to maintain and offers flexibility, improved energy efficiency and high durability.

Nevamar Laminated Floor Tile Color Offering

Flexco Vinyl

Flexco vinyl brings together long-lasting performance and style to enhance your space.  Providing a variety of colors, solid construction, anti-Microbial barriers, slip resistance and installation flexibility, Flexco vinyl is a designer’s choice.  To control the static charge, Flexco combines conductive or dissipative tile with a specially formulated conductive adhesive, creating a conductive pathway.

Flexco Vinyl Floor Tile Color Offering

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