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Reinventing Underfloor Air

Underfloor air has been used in North American buildings for the past 20 years.  Mechanical Engineers partner with Global IFS to create a unique building infrastructure that is more cost effective, adaptable, sustainable, promotes employee productivity and comfort along with delivering value across the full life cycle of the building.    Historically, underfloor air distribution systems were required to have 18” finished floor height.  Using vertical air towers and continuous linear plenum in combination with a 7.5” low profile access floor, Global IFS converts existing buildings into state-of-the-art buildings, offering all the design features found in many of today’s newest green buildings.  This unique underfloor air distribution system significantly reduces the amount of duct work needed within the space.

First Cost Building Savings and Energy Savings

Taking advantage of the Global IFS integrated product solutions, project teams can realize significant first and life cycle cost savings.  Plug and play modular power and underfloor air distribution design, compared to traditional ceiling based mechanical and electrical systems, deliver significant benefits during build-out and occupancy of the workspace.

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Operational Savings & Energy Efficiency

Underfloor air systems have larger fans running at lower speeds resulting in less energy usage, delivering higher total efficiency and lower operational cost.  Using continuous linear plenum along the perimeter of the building creates more consistent temperature.  Customers have reported 20% reduction in energy cost for buildings using underfloor air.  Savings were results of reduced fan energy, increased cooling hours and lower supply air temperatures.


Creates a safer installation environment because installers are not working on ladders overhead.  All work can be completed on the ground, reducing the potential for lost time accidents.  Underfloor air distribution components are designed with safety in mind as well. 

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Worker Comfort

Worker comfort and productivity is one of the top workplace issues challenging organizations.  With raised access flooring, conditioned air is introduced through the floor directly into the occupied zone.  The air with the impurities naturally rises to be removed from the space.  Air diffusers can be adjusted by occupants to give them greater temperature control, allowing them to focus on their work.