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Raised Access Floor and Mass Timber

For over a century steel and concrete have been the primary structural materials used in the construction of commercial buildings.  Over the last decade, Mass Timber has become a viable alternative due to the environmental and social needs of the times.  Consisting of solid wood members formed into large panels, beams, and columns, Mass Timber directly contributes to higher building lease rates, environmental conservation thru active carbon sequestration, and demonstrable increases in human productivity and occupant health.  The beautiful aesthetic provided by mass timber buildings along with their other benefits make them one of the most important innovations of the century.

Global IFS can make mass timber buildings even better!  Like Mass Timber buildings, IFS buildings are cleaner, more energy efficient, and more adaptable than their traditional counterparts.  The IFS building concept readily showcases the beautiful wooden surfaces of mass timber on the walls and ceiling, magnifies the buildings flexibility and utility, and contributes to improved energy efficiency and indoor air quality.  How?

Reimagined/reinvented/next-generation underfloor air and modular/plug & play power system below a raised access floor allows for the mechanical & electrical infrastructure of the building to be hidden leaving the beautiful timber structure in the ceiling and walls exposed.  Studies show that connecting with nature reduces stress, enhances creativity and improves occupant's wellbeing.  Global IFS floor-based electrical and mechanical systems are designed to be easily reconfigured making updates quick and cost effective, minimizing the waste correlated with office reconfiguration and churn.  Underfloor HVAC systems deliver cleaner and healthier air, improved occupant comfort, flexibility for alternative floor plans, and significant energy savings.

Building with timber and raised access floor is not only beautiful it is exceptionally sustainable.  When you choose an IFS solution for a Mass Timber building, you are enlarging the beauty and high performance you wanted in the first place.

Mass Timber Case Studies


2021 International Mass Timber Conference

Global IFS showcased many exciting presentations at the 2021 International Mass Timber Conference.  In addition to those shared below, our Mass Timber team gave presentations on acoustic performance and compliance with IBC Building Code Concealed Space requirements.  If you have any questions on these subjects or more please contact us at solutions@globalifs.com.

Check out our Presentations from the show:

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Mass Timber Technical and Design Documentation

Global IFS and Mass Timber Pairings