Magna-Lock Finishes

Magna-Lock provides the only solution that combines endless, high end finishes in many shapes and sizes with worry-free installation and underfloor access. Designers can now choose from wood, terrazzo and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) finishes manufactured by world-class flooring companies to bring their creative design ideas to life. With Magna-Lock, the possibilities are endless, and designers can take their space to the next level.

•  Designed for Raised Access Flooring:  Magna-Lock allows unrestricted access to building infrastructure

    under the floor.
•  Easy to install:  A special magnet applied to the back of the finished floor surface attaches to a Global IFS

    steel top sheet panel.
•  Easy to change:  Magna-Lock finishes can be quickly removed and relocated with minimal effort and no

•  Quick to install:  Magna-Lock finishes can be installed quickly just before occupancy, eliminating construction 

    related damage.
•  Design Freedom:  Available in many sizes, colors, finishes, textures, and patterns.

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