Furniture Feed Box/Adapter

The Furniture Feed Adapter (FFA) for furniture feed is pre-wired
with Whip End Extender Cables fed from a Power Distribution
box via Extender Cable. All Furniture Feed Adapter has a
terminal strip that are labeled for contractor friendly installation.
A knockout is provided for field wiring of manufactures' furniture
systems electrical connections.

MPD white furniture feed box.jpg

Terra Biosa 3L

For soil improvement, composting, seed germination, on the lawn, for fruit trees, berry bushes and plants, in the kitchen garden, flower beds and greenhouses. It is recommended to water with Terra Biosa in wet and humid weather or in the evening.

Terra Biosa improves the microbial composition of the soil around the plants, which increases nutrient uptake, provides greater root system and yield of fruits and vegetables.

Buy Terra Biosa for gardening
You can purchase Terra Biosa in a 3L bag-in-box via your local distributor or in selected health food stores.

Terra Biosa 10L

For agriculture, horticulture in a greenhouse, and open air. Supplied for increased biological activity and decomposition of organic material, better soil structure and increased water capacity. Improves nutrient supply, growth conditions, and root growth. Can also be used for slurry treatment.

Terra Biosa boosts microbial diversity and activity, increases the decomposting of organic matter and the release of nutrients. The soil structure is improved, the root system of the plants enlarges and the yield increases.

Buy Terra Biosa in a 10L cannister
You can purchase Terra Biosa in 10L cannisters by sending an e-mail to