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Electrical Engineer

Managing Power Below the Floor

Partnering with Global IFS to create unlimited flexibility utilizing Modular Power Distribution (MPD) systems.  Modular Power Distribution systems provides exceptional adaptability to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing office spaces creating readily accessible power infrastructure which can change with minimal downtime.  Utilizing just 4 basic components makes even complex floor plans easy to plan, install and maintain.  Components arrive pre-wire, pre-tested and ready to install, simplifying the connection to the electrical panel.  The Global MPD system utilizing all UL183 rated components is designed for both traditional renovation applications and meets the requirements of “air handling spaces other than plenums” per NEC Article 604.  Installing modular power allows for coordination with other trades, minimizing time to install. 

Flexibility and Reconfiguration

Delivers unlimited flexibility for space changes placing power when and where needed over the life cycle of the building.  Easily accommodates changes to the layout design through the construction process prior to the initial move-in.  Future flexibility helps increase tenant satisfaction and lowers operating and renovations costs.

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Design a future proof zone-based layout flexible enough to adapt to any space plan.  Power is typically routed from the electrical closet to pre-wired flexible conduit to separate zones of the floor plate.  The power is distributed within each zone using modular wiring.  Modular wiring puts flexibility out in the area where most day-to-day reconfigurations occur.  Utilizing the global Modular Power Distribution also allows optimized building systems to ensure code compliance.


Modular power components can be reused eliminating landfill waste due to reconfiguration. 

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Creates a safer installation environment because installers are not working on ladders overhead.  All work can be completed on the ground, reducing the potential for lost time accidents.  Modular power components are design with safety in mind as well.  Connectors are polarity keyed and shaped to prevent connection of electrically incompatible components. 

Cost Savings

Build out cost as well as installation cost is reduced using modular power distribution components.  First cost for installation of power under the floor vs. overhead has been found to reduce labor hours by 30-40%.  Cost of reconfiguration is minimal due to reuse. 

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