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Building Owners and Developers

Solving Business Challenges with Adaptable Workplace Products

Partner with Global IFS to make your buildings, new or historical, state-of-the-art with highly efficient mechanical systems offering optimized floor space utilization and exceptional operating cost savings.  Incorporate a technology platform that can change and adjust as companies grow and change.    Discover the next generation of innovative, leading edge workplace environments where employee efficiency, performance and comfort become the focal point of the space resulting in higher productivity through better health, wellness and comfort.

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Access to air, power, voice, and data under the floor allows layout reconfiguration with minimal downtime as workspace needs change.  TecCrete raised access flooring provides the flexibility needed to transform space, minimize costs, and get back to business.  Eliminate design constraints with unlimited flexibility delivered by modular power distribution.

First Cost Building Savings and Energy Savings

Taking advantage of the Global IFS integrated product solutions, project teams can realize significant first and life cycle cost savings.  Plug and play modular power and underfloor air distribution design, compared to traditional ceiling based mechanical and electrical systems, deliver significant benefits during build-out and occupancy of the workspace.  An Underfloor Air Distribution system as low as 7.5 inches provides a system that changes the dynamics of cooling in existing historic buildings.

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With underfloor electrical, shorter construction schedules are possible permitting trade workers to work simultaneously.  Changing the design of existing spaces is not limited by the location of power and data.  Power and data access under the floor make space flexible for the long-term allowing layout reconfiguration with minimal downtime. 

Increased Real Estate Value

Facilities that can be adjusted quickly and easily to fit new tenants adds dollars to the bottom line.  Power located exactly where needed within minutes makes spaces highly flexible to accommodate any office layout.  Organizations require a return on investment through long-lasting solutions for their commercial interiors.  Spaces using underfloor air, modular power and access floor extend the lifecycle of the building.

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Increased Useable Floor Space

Using Vertical Air Towers maximizes visible floor space, eliminates underfloor ductwork, optimizes air distribution and reduces the overall footprint of mechanical rooms, creating greater flexibility and increasing rentable space.

Additional Revenue Generated Using Underfloor Air Distribution Compared to Conventional Overhead Air Distribution = 392 sf/floor x 20 floors x $30/sf rental fee = $235,000/year.  Over a 10-year lease, this contributes $2.35 million dollars.


Global IFS helps make an impression through a combination of unique style options and advanced technology.  Customers seek more unique finishes as brand elements to set the tone within their space.  Organizations are using their facilities as opportunities for conveying brand to attract and retain workers.

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LEED / WELL Building

Global IFS works with successful owners and developers to set their buildings apart by pursuing LEED and WELL certification.  They protect our environment by responsibly sourcing materials and promoting sustainable building practices.   Additionally, they design spaces that positively influence the individual’s physiological and psychological well-being contributing to increased worker comfort, optimized cognition, and improved emotional health.  This maximizes performance of employees by contributing to increased productivity, reduced absences, and increased job satisfaction/engagement while promoting health and well-being to 100% of workers.