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Solving Business Challenges with Adaptable Workplace Products

In a fast-paced world of change, workspaces continuously evolve.  Organizations want flexible spaces that accommodate diverse workstyle and workplace needs.  At Global IFS, we have both the knowledge and expertise to help make your real estate work harder for you, because we experience many of the same business challenges ourselves.  We are poised to partner with you, understand your business drivers, and help you implement your workplace objectives.  Explore how Global IFS product solutions help create environments which are flexible, cost effective, energy efficient, sustainable and promote worker productivity.


Access to air, power, voice, and data under the floor allows layout reconfiguration with minimal downtime as workspace needs change.  TecCrete raised access flooring provides the flexibility needed to transform space, minimize costs, and get back to business.  Eliminate design constraints with unlimited flexibility delivered by modular power distribution.

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First Cost Building Savings and Energy Savings

Taking advantage of the Global IFS integrated product solutions, project teams can realize significant first and life cycle cost savings.  Plug and play modular power and underfloor air distribution design, compared to traditional ceiling based mechanical and electrical systems, deliver significant benefits during build-out and occupancy of the workspace.


Underfloor air is one of the single most effective strategies reaping savings in initial building and continuing operational costs.  TecCrete floors have been installed in many of the largest and highest scoring LEED-certified buildings in the country.

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Worker Comfort

Worker comfort and productivity is one of the top workplace issues challenging organizations.  With raised access flooring, conditioned air is introduced through the floor directly into the occupied zone.  The air with the impurities naturally rises to be removed from the space.  Air diffusers can be adjusted by occupants to give them greater temperature control, allowing them to focus on their work.