Immediate Medical Response

Global IFS is pleased to offer materials for temporary emergency disaster response solutions in the communities where we live and work.  Global delivers raised access floor to outfit remote command centers constructed to create overflow medical spaces outside of hospitals.  Products facilitate customized adaptable spaces creating a level floor, accommodating gas outlets for oxygen and electrical outlets, and heating/cooling of the space.  These materials can be mobilized in days to build emergency shelters quickly, creating highly functional spaces for healing.

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Mass Timber

Underfloor air and modular power below a raised access floor allows for the infrastructure of the building to be out of site leaving the beautiful timber beams in the ceilings and walls exposed.  The underfloor utilities can deliver cleaner air, healthier spaces, precise temperature control, reduced draft complaints, flexibility for alternative floor plans, no unsightly wall and ceiling vents, and increased mechanical efficiency as compared to traditional overhead air distribution systems.  Building with timber and raised access floor is not only beautiful it is exceptionally sustainable.

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Just because a building is old doesn’t mean it can’t have state-of-the-art Raised Access Flooring (RAF) and Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) systems that are cost effective, energy efficient and provide fresher air. We work with architects and consultants to bring older sites up to current standards while still preserving the integrity of the structure.

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Commercial Office

Modern office buildings and other commercial outlets comprise over 70% of our business. In fact, with their overall cost effectiveness and energy efficiency, Raised Access Flooring (RAF) systems are continually growing in popularity. Our highly skilled RAF experts can work with your team to create the flooring solution that suits your needs and fits your budget – anywhere in the world.

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Low Profile

Global IFS has the solution to upgrade older buildings into high performance office spaces with faster move-in, lower operating costs and space planning flexibility with our 2.5” Low Profile Raised Access Flooring. The low profile pedestal system offers the ultimate wire and cable management capacity beneath the floor due to the 24” on center pedestal spacing. Power and data access under the floor make a space flexible for long term, making it easy to reconfigure your layout with minimal tenant disruptions.

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Institutional Facilities

In 2018 we installed total flexibility into 57 institutional facilities throughout the world. Whether the project is a multi-tiered auditorium, a new library for a university or a government/municipal facility, Raised Access Flooring (RAF) can provide flexible, energy efficient and economical solutions.

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Data Center

A Raised Access Flooring (RAF) system with Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) solutions can assist Data Centers in achieving an optimal space by providing a clean, cool environment with accessibility to cable trays that can house the miles of wiring that are often required.  Additionally, RAF systems are cost effective and energy efficient.

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Casinos and Retail

A Raised Access Floor (RAF), complemented with an Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) system, is an ideal solution for gaming and retail industries. Customers enjoy a pleasant and comfortable shopping, gambling or spending experience and building owners gain the ultimate in flexibility, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.

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It was only a matter of time before condominium developers, architects and designers saw the numerous merits of Raised Access Flooring (RAF) construction. Builders can install RAF systems in considerably less time, resulting in reduced work schedules; and occupants gain energy efficiency and exceptional flexibility. With cables and plumbing housed underfloor, Builders are able to design their space their way. The addition of a Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) system delivers cleaner air and improved overall home comfort.

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